Tabs for the Uninspired


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[ A simple Silhouette Cameo tutorial ]

I wish I were capable of conjuring up inspiration on demand. Some days I’ll be blessed with a span of time so large it catches me by surprise and I’m just not ready for it. On such an occasion – when I cannot do anything more than stare at pretty patterned paper – I’m taking what I know and putting it to good use. Craft muscle memory + building up my embellishment stash = mass die cut production. And so, I take this pretty patterned paper I’ve been staring at and I use it to make a lot of tabs. I think every scrapbook page could use a tab or two five. I have a glorious stash of paper tabs that I can reach into and pick from when inspiration strikes. And usually, this simple task kickstarts my brain to feel a little more inspired.


-Silhouette Cameo & cutting mat


-Scissors/paper trimmer

-Cardstock (for this tutorial, you’ll cut 6 strips)

-Tab cut file ( I use this one by Echo Park Paper Co.)

How to

1. Pick cardstock you’d like to use for tabs. I chose to use 12 x 12 sheets from my stash.

2. Cut strips of paper 12 in. long by 2 in. wide (easiest if you’re using 12 x 12 sheets!) You’ll need 6.

3. Apply the strips to your silhouette cut mat. I chose to use some patterned and some white. I only used 4 so that you can see how I did my best to stay within the inch marks. This will help you line up your tab designs easily in silhouette studio. Try to avoid overlapping paper if possible.


4. Open Silhouette studio and choose your cut file. Your tab cut file should be approximately 1.3 in. tall by 2 in. long. Grid lines are important for lining up your tabs correctly. If you do not have your grid lines on, find view at the top of the design page, view › show grid. 

5. Make sure your tab cut file is the right size. Then you’ll make lots of duplicates of that design; the duplicate button is circled below. Hint: I make the first row of tabs, line then up within the correct boxes (the first tab length-wise is centered in the 1-3 in. boxes – so you end up with 4 per line, taking up 3 boxes each; height-wise, center tabs in 1-2) then group them all together so they can be selected as one unit and duplicated. If you do it like this, the remaining rows of tabs will only need to be placed height-wise. Your finished cut page will look like this:

Edited tab screenshot

6. Load your mat and cut your page. This cut file is great because it cuts with a perforated center so your tabs are ready to go!


I hope you are inspired to add to your embellishment stash!

♥ Rachel


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